Marina Trani





I am a portrait artist and I capture people’s emotions and stories through figurative images.

My background is in science and innovation in large corporations. As a female scientist, I have worked in leadership roles within male dominated organizations where women are frequently underrepresented and undermined. This has influenced my own practice where I often investigate and challenge persisting patriarchal cultures and workplaces.

In my previous works, portraits of “Brilliant Women in Science”, I have celebrated inspiring yet rare female scientist role models, aiming to address the invisibility of women in scientific disciplines.

In my current series of paintings – “The Rise and Fall of the Corposaurs” – I have highlighted and subverted, through humour and imagination, unresolved issues of sexism and gender discrimination in male dominated corporations while projecting the viewer towards a better future.

In my practice as a portrait artist, my primary medium is oil painting and I often intentionally layer multiple elements and languages (e.g., silhouettes, collages and sometime extend my reach to light and sound) to best support the narratives. While my paintings are portraits of real people, I also like to reveal more about these people by including additional elements, occasionally imaginary, that can create connections to important aspects of their existence.

My work has been exhibited in various group shows in the UK such as “Epitome” at The Holy Art Gallery, “Winter Show” at Orleans House Gallery, “Through Her Eyes” at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre and “Circus of Curiosities” at Fringe Art Bath.