Marina Trani





I am an Italian born, London based painter. My life experiences, including the separation from my country of origin and my professional career, influence my narratives.

As a female scientist, I worked in male dominated organizations where women are frequently underrepresented and undermined. In my practice, I have challenged these patriarchal workplaces. The portraits of “Brilliant Women in Science” celebrated female scientists role models to address the invisibility of women in scientific disciplines. In my series of paintings – “The Rise and Fall of the Corposaurs” – I highlighted and subverted unresolved issues of sexism in male dominated corporations.

My most recent work deals with the themes of identity and the emotional impact of becoming separated. Disconnecting from the familiar can be othering, disorienting but also surprising and freeing. For this theme I have used water and sea based metaphors as a sort of prism to describe and amplify emotions. I am fascinated with water’s fluidity and by the many different relationships one can have with the sea depending on memories and localities.  There is a sea for war and a sea for rest, a sea that provides and a see that takes away, a sea that connects and a sea that separates, a joyful sea and a frightening sea. I am  interested in the different ways in which the sea is seen by people.

My paintings are often portraits of real people or of real places. I like to reveal more about these people or places by including additional elements, occasionally imaginary, that can create connections to important memories and emotions.  

My work has been exhibited in various group shows in the UK such as “Epitome” at The Holy Art Gallery, “Winter Show” at Orleans House Gallery, “Through Her Eyes” at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre and “Circus of Curiosities” at Fringe Art Bath.

I am always delighted when someone asks me to make a new piece and I do my very best to meet the commissioners requirements. Commissioning a painting does not need to be intimidating and making this more accessible is, in fact, a key driver behind my practice.